Boxing Day

Today certainly doesn’t feel like a normal Tuesday, considering most Tuesdays I’m up and at the office.  We had a bit of a sleep in today, and then started our day.  Charles installed my new arm and monitor bracket that Santa brought, and I was working on finishing up the monkey I’m crocheting and did some planning and organizing.   I have a few things left to do on  the monkey, and he’ll be done and ready to send to Atlanta 🙂  I’ll be taking some photos of him and posting when he’s all done and ready to go.  Right now, he’s sitting here making eyes at me from my desk.  I think he’ll be well received!

I’ll be busy at the office this week – we have a deployment that’s due to go out next week – so, getting all the testing done as well as everything else that needs to go along with it will be my primary focus for the  next few days.

Time to curl up with a book for the evening!

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