Incoming Snow!

The weather report is predicting 2-4 inches of snow in the area today – and people are already starting to panic.  Charles and I went out to dinner tonight at our favorite Mexican place (Torrero’s) and afterwards, stopped at the grocery store for some things for dinner tomorrow night (We’re making beef stroganoff in the crock pot).  It was PACKED!  Like the day before Thanksgiving, Super Bowl and Christmas packed.  Thankfully we didn’t need a lot, so we were in and out pretty quickly.

It’s cold, and you can smell the snow in the air – so I’m expecting tomorrow to wake up to ice/snow on the ground.  I’m already prepped to work from home – laptop’s in the car, and I have plenty of stuff that I can do from here at home.  So, it will all work out the way it’s supposed to.

Found out this week, that the entire 15 seasons of ER is now on Hulu to watch.  I haven’t seen these shows in FOREVER, and it used to be my favorite way to spend Thursday night.  So, while I’m working on stuff here at my desk, I’ll be watching – man – these folks are SO YOUNG.  Noah Wyle and George Clooney – their first big roles – I swear, they look like they’re 12.  But then again, this was when I was in college and shortly afterwards – so it was the 90s!

My project for January has been to letter a single word and post it on my Instagram and Facebook Page for Phynpenni Designs.  It’s been a lot of fun, and 16 days in, I haven’t missed one!  (This means I’ll jinx myself now).  I am going to continue doing it, because I like the challenge of it, and I really enjoy having a little bit of creativity in my life every day.

My instagram link is here:  Kellieb71

My Facebook page is here:  Phynpenni Designs 

I don’t have a lot of a following, and that’s not really the point of it – I’m sharing the things that make me happy – and if folks notice it – that’s a good thing.   Eventually I’d like to be confident enough to teach people how to do what I do – so starting off slow is juuuust fine 🙂

Am going to figure out a way to do a video of all my words for January and post it here – and try to do some live videos of some of the stuff I am working on – lots of stuff toddling around in my brain!

More later 🙂

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