Winter is….coming?

Well, it’s more than coming, it’s actually HERE.  When we woke up this morning, it wasn’t snowing yet – but it was pretty cold, grey, and dismal.  The news was reporting that we should stay off the roads if at all possible – so I decided to stay at home.  Turns out, that was a good choice, because the roads got really bad after the snow started mid morning.

It’s 7pm here at home, and it’s still snowing.  The weather reports say it should be stopping soon – but I’ve also seen random comments that it may last until midnight.  I don’t know if we’ll get much more – but right now we have about 5 inches on the ground from what I can tell – I didn’t head out with a ruler – maybe I should have. (All the snow inches are important!)

It’s been nice to look out the window from time to time and see the snow building up on the branches of the pine tree outside. The snow is wet and heavy, so it really looks nice, but I’m seeing reports of branches being broken and people are starting to lose power – which – well is scary – seeing that it’s so freaking cold and so many of us need electricity for heat!  (The temptation to fire up the fire place just in case is there!)

Got a fair bit done today – I have a lot more to do – but I’ve been waiting for a few things I need to get it done – I’m in a good place – so I’m not stressed out about it, and I also still have time for the project that I’m working on for our new QA Test repository.  It’s a challenge, but keeps me busy.  And keeping busy keeps me out of trouble. (Well, for the most part).   It was a day of silly – that’s for certain.  We have been goofing around in our team chat and throwing random ‘digital’ snowballs at each other ===============(((O))).  Can’t be a bad thing when we have fun while we’re doing what we need to.

Spent some time last night looking at YouTube videos from watercolor artists.  There’s a new trend of doing what looks like nebulas using color washes, and I’m intrigued.  I’m not a pro at watercolors by any stretch of the imagination – but I’d like to try these out.  One of the videos I watched was a person who did the same thing using Crayola Supertips – so I want to check those out too (seeing that I have them!)   I was going to do it tonight, but I know me – and that I’ll get all distracted and not want to do my deployment stuff tonight (and well, I gotta!)   If I do it, I’ll definitely take pictures and post them, as well as link the videos I use as reference.

Next week is our next planner meetup.  I’m really excited about it.  Not only because I’ll get to see my favorite local planer peeps – but because it’s also my birthday weekend – and I’m celebrating with Fondue and Tiaras with the girls!  It will be a lot of fun, laughs, and of course – yummy fondue!  I am thinking about getting a cake for the meetup itself from Nothing Bundt Cakes – being a grownup – it’s not about a ‘party’ – it’s about spending time with your friends and laughing.

Going to get busy with some non keyboard type stuff until work starts in an hour or so.    Will write more later!

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