20 Minutes to. . . . . Buffalo?

Charles and I are home from our latest adventures to  Yellowstone National Park and Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.   We had a wonderful time, and as I sit here and watch Charles filter through his nearly 1000 photos, I am ready to go back!  (Doesn’t help that it’s 85 and crazy humid here in Raleigh today!)

We had a great time – lots of laughing and being silly together.  Driving through the amazing landscape and seeing more animals than we have on any of our trips combined before.  It was a good week.

Over the next few days, I’ll be writing about the whole trip – including getting there and stuff in the area.  I don’t normally do trip reports like that – but I’ve had a few friends ask me where we stayed and what we did and saw – and I thought it would be helpful for them to have a place to refer when they want our notes.

I will start with saying that this time of year was the BEST time of year to go if you’re looking for lots of wildlife.  The buffalo herds were all over the place with their calves (red dogs!), elk and antelope were active with their babies, and we saw lots of bears who were also out and about.  (That was my absolute favorite!)   By the end of the week, it actually became a joke between us – how long would it be before we saw a buffalo in the morning (Time to buffalo) and if it wasn’t a buffalo – what was the first animal we saw on that day’s adventures.  It was usually 20 minutes to Buffalo – every day 🙂

Another benefit to going this past week – which was still technically off season – is that the crowds were fairly low (compared to peak season summertime) and the weather was nice.  We packed early spring clothes – light sweaters, jeans, and jackets.  Since we were mostly car touring, it was what we needed – but if you’d be more of a hiker or outdoor explorer, you’d need warm layers.  Mornings were in the mid to high 30s, and the days warmed up to 60’s.  Spring is the rainy season in the area – so there were scattered showers and thunderstorms, and only one day of ‘heavy rain’ – but for the most part, there was no rain while we were out and about.

I’ll be writing more and sharing more of our photos throughout the week – so stay tuned!


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