Bullet Journaling for 2018

It’s the last few days of 2018 – and there are a number of friends who are starting bullet journaling in the new year.  Welcome to the club!  I have found bullet journaling a great way to keep my lists all in one place, rather than having a million half used notebooks all over the house, in my purse, on my desk, and everywhere else.   I’ve been keeping a Bujo for about 2 years – and find it very helpful.  (I’ll do a flip through video once I get January all set up).

One place I found lots of helpful information is from Ryder Caroll himself.  He’s the original creator of the Bullet Journal, and has a site full of lots of information here.  (Link)

Ryder is what is considered a minimal bullet journaler – not full of art, or color, no doodles or fancy layouts.  And that works for lots of people.  However, I use the Bullet Journal as an outlet for my creativity.  I doodle, I play with fun layouts, I add color and interesting backgrounds using watercolors and other items.  They become quite a personal item as you work through them, and as unique as each of us.

Layouts – everyone’s layout fits their needs – so there are as many layouts as there are bullet journalers.   I’ve found lots of resources and ideas on Pinterest.  Everyone sorts their boards a little differently, but if you search for Bullet Journal or BuJo Layouts, you’ll get lots of ideas.  Here’s a great Pinterest resource as well! – LINK 

And let’s not forget Facebook.  There are a million groups out there, good and bad.  The following are some that I’m a member of – I tend to stay out of the conversations and generally use them as resources for layouts, tools, and art supplies.

These are some I recommend:

So, there you go – some good references to get started!  If you have any questions on Bullet Journaling – please look me up on Facebook or stop by the Phynpenni Designs Facebook page and ask!

Boxing Day

Today certainly doesn’t feel like a normal Tuesday, considering most Tuesdays I’m up and at the office.  We had a bit of a sleep in today, and then started our day.  Charles installed my new arm and monitor bracket that Santa brought, and I was working on finishing up the monkey I’m crocheting and did some planning and organizing.   I have a few things left to do on  the monkey, and he’ll be done and ready to send to Atlanta 🙂  I’ll be taking some photos of him and posting when he’s all done and ready to go.  Right now, he’s sitting here making eyes at me from my desk.  I think he’ll be well received!

I’ll be busy at the office this week – we have a deployment that’s due to go out next week – so, getting all the testing done as well as everything else that needs to go along with it will be my primary focus for the  next few days.

Time to curl up with a book for the evening!