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Stick To It!


I posted a picture of my current planner layout on Facebook and Instagram the other day, and a few of my friends have asked for sources and a list of my favorite planner shops. So, I went through my planner, and made a note of the shops I’ve used for the last year. (My planner starts in July – so from July to February, these are the shops that I’ve been using)

Let’s Plan It

Plan with Pizzaz

The Sticky Cactus

Miscellany Blvd

Planner Whimsy

Sticky Prints Designs  (I’ll add a linky when I track it down)

Sugar Peas Papeterie

Simple Southern Mommy

Kristin Keo (I’ll add a linky when I track it down)

Plantasia Printshop

Gems Design Studio

Gingerly Done

My Queen Bee Designs

Laeta Designs

Anxiety Aids

Krissy Anne Designs

Simply Gilded

Part of what I want to do going forward is to review the vendors and shops that I do business with – most of them are Etsy shops, which means they’re small businesses that are run by creative women – and they’re all awesome!  So, watch this space for reviews – more than just lists! 🙂


Sometimes you just need a pill….


It’s been an insane few days in my world. And I’m tired of dealing with it all. You trust that the people you work with for your healthcare and medical needs will follow through on the things that need done – and most importantly – communicate with you. That is quite obviously not happening in the situation I’m dealing with. I’m not sure what the trigger of it all is, or why it happened the way that it did – but I am frustrated, and more than a little annoyed with things.

First off, let me just preface this with I am OK. I have what I need for now, and I’m not too worried about things. There will be some changes in the near future so this doesn’t happen again – but in this instant, I’m okay.

Yesterday, I called my pharmacy to get refills on some standing meds that I take. Maintenance meds – things I’ve taken for years. I recently had to change doctors due to my insurance changing – and when I met with the new doctor, we decided that we would allow the current prescriptions I had from Doctor A to run out before she wrote new prescriptions for the maintenance meds. Well, when I called the pharmacy yesterday, Doctor A had cancelled my script. (WTF). Now, I understand that I’m not her patient any longer – and she isn’t liable for my healthcare. I GET that. What bothers me, is I got NO contact from Doctor A saying she was going to do that. No heads up that my maintenance meds now needed to be taken care of by Doctor B. (That would have gone far in preventing this issue) So, that was Frustration A.

Frustration B – the pharmacy can’t call the doctor, the doctor needs to call the pharmacy about the new prescription. Again, I understand this. So, I logged into my patient portal, sent a request, and asked for a call back on my cell phone. (We’ll get back to this one later) I mentioned that I was completely out of a maintenance med and needed a new script same day. (We’ll get back to this one too).

Charles was stopping at the pharmacy to pick up some stuff of his later in the afternoon, so I asked him if he’d check on my stuff. When he was there – he asked, and the pharmacy hadn’t heard anything. I know that things aren’t always the fastest in a doctor’s office, so i gave them a call. The phone system regarding refills kept having me call the pharmacy – who if we see above, can’t call the doctor in this case. But I couldn’t get a human to save my life. (I really dislike these systems that have very little wiggle room when you don’t fit their construction) Finally got through to the receptionist, and started telling her what was going on. She fowarded me to the NP/PA on duty – who said that my doctor was out of the office for the week, and they’d handle the request when she returned.

I’ll wait while that sinks in.

My note clearly said – I need ASAP – I’m out of this med – and they were going to wait a week to even process it. (Frustration C) Nor did they CALL me to tell me this – they left me to figure it out on my own. And that’s not acceptable communication to me.
I asked if there was any possible way the physician on call for coverage could call in a short term script for me until my doctor is back and I can get in to meet her. They said that they could do, and they would call me on my cell number to let me know when it was going to the pharmacy. (Make note of this).

About a half hour later, I get a note from Charles – the pharmacy has the prescription, and they will be processing it. The doctors office called the house. You know, the number I’m not at – the one I told them NOT to call. (Frustration D) Can’t fix it, can’t do anything about it – so I head out of work and to the pharmacy. At the drive through, (because I’m too cranky to go in the store) they tell me the charge is 55.00 Fifty Five Dollars. The usual cost to me for this script is about 5.00 So, 55 is a wee bit of an increase. (it’s not the money that’s the concern here, it’s the drastic increase in cost). I pay it, because I need it, and figure I’ll check on things when I get home and feel less….stabby.

At home, I pull the pills out of my bag – it’s one of those off the shelf sealed bottles – (I get the whole bottle instead of them counting it out). That’s not a huge deal, a little unusual, but no biggie. They gave me 2 refills – which is good, will give me a chance to fit a doctor’s visit into my schedule, so I’m feeling okay about things….Until I read the label.

Extended Release. They are extended release meds. Now, for a normal person, this isn’t a big deal. For ME however? This is a bit of a problem. Because of my RnY, I can’t take extended release meds. My stomach doesn’t have the acid and other stuff it needs to process them, and they’ll pass into my gut (and bypassed intestines) and everything will not absorb like it should. SOOOO I’m paying 55.00 for meds I won’t be getting the full effect out of. There is no reduction on the feeling of stabby. Nope. Not even a little.

No Extended release is on my medical record, along with why. So, to me, this means they didn’t READ my record – they just wrote a script to shut me up – which ended up costing me more – and won’t work like they should. grumble

This morning, I did a little research through my insurance company into the pricing. If they would have prescribed the dosage/delivery that I normally get, it would have been the expected cost, around 5.00. The jacked up cost is because it’s the extended release (which makes me even more angry all over again).

I can’t blame the pharmacy for this one – it’s between Doctor A and Doctor B (and their associated practices) and honestly, I’m really considering finding a new doctor – because this does not give me the warm fuzzies that they’ll be taking care of me like I need. I definitely need to think this one through before I make any rash decisions.

February 4, 2017


I’ve had a few different thoughts dancing around between my ears today.  Nothing major, just stuff that I think about when my brain goes idle. (Which is never as often as I’d like it to!)

They say that it takes about 21 days to start a new habit.  I haven’t been able to find out how long it actually takes to break an existing habit, but I have a feeling that it takes a fair bit longer, especially since habit-y things become ingrained in our day to day schedules.   Human nature is interesting – it is actually easier to build new habits – than to rid yourselves of old ones – even when those habits may not be all that healthy for you.  I’m not sure why that is – I guess because it’s harder to distance yourself from things that you do on a regular basis.   I have some habits I want to rid myself of – others I’d like to build up and reinforce – so let’s see what the next 21 days bring us.

Today, Charles and I went over to visit a friend of ours who needed a little bit of muscle moving an old television.  We also had some old electronics that we needed to get rid of, and the Wake County electronic recycling center was where we were heading.  We got those things taken care of, and afterwards, we went out for lunch.  It was really good to hang out with a friend I don’t see all that often.   I think we should do the hang out thing more often – it’s good to be out and about and social!

This afternoon, I spent some time writing letters, binge watching Homeland, and just hanging out.  It’s bee a relaxing day – and I’m enjoying the down time.  Been working in my journal and planner, and doodled a bit.   Just doing little bursts of creativity – and enjoying it.

I’ve thought about maybe going to see a movie tomorrow.  There are a few out that I’d like to see:

  • A Dog’s Purpose
  • Moana
  • Rogue One
  • Hidden Figures

Yes, they’re older movies – and in all honesty – I should have seen them by now – but there were all kinds of things that kept me from going.  Sunday is my day ‘off’ from my game – so there’s nothing keeping me from going – and I have a craving for movie popcorn – so why not!?

I’ve got a bunch of other things I need to take care of as well, so I’ll need to adjust accordingly (and on the fly even!)

Time to wrap it up for the night and get ready for Saturday Night Raid.  *wheeee*

February 2, 2017


As I sit here binge watching Homeland (and wondering how in the world I didn’t see this show long before now) my mind is wandering to how our country got to where it is today. I’m not one of those brutally political people – I try hard not to shove my beliefs onto other people, and I try to learn from people who think differently than I do. And I am just stunned to discover each day, that there are people who do not feel and act like I do. I don’t really know why that surprises me – but it does.

Over the past few months, the underlying current of negativity and ‘me first’ has gotten really bad. It’s hard to watch, and it’s even harder to hear. When it comes to social media, I haven’t unfriendly anyone – but I have unfollowed people who constantly post and engage in negative behaviors – not because I dislike them – but because I don’t need the constant barrage of negative energies in my life. It is what it is – and I hope that over time, it will get better – but I am not holding out hope that it will completely go away. History repeats itself – far too often.

I’ve been giving some thought to my personal responsibility as a member of our society. What I can do to better the world around me, and make things ‘right’. I don’t have the answers to all the world’s problems, and I don’t pretend to. I know that in some things, I have more questions than I have knowledge, and a lot less knowledge than I really should. It’s time for me to start learning about things – things I thought I didn’t need to worry about – but the past few months have shown me – it’s time to learn about the ‘real’ things.

I watch the news – and cringe – at things that are said by Mr. Trump. (I will not be one of those people who calls him by any of his ‘nicknames’ – although yes, I’ll laugh when others do it!). And at the same time, I wonder, do I sound like him – simply because I’m not educated in the things that matter? And well, that scares the hell out of me. I’d like to think that I’m an ally to those in our society who are marginalized or discounted due to race, origin, orientation, or disability. While I would like to call myself an ally – I know that in each and every situation, I may not act the way that I should – the way that my friends and acquaintances need me to to help them through whatever situation they are dealing with. A lot of that can be resolved by education of myself. Of opening my eyes and watching what is going on around me – by asking questions of the people that I know who ARE marginalized, who are dealing with a lot more than I would ever be able to wrap my brain around. I can learn, and I want to learn.

I used to think that I was a pseudo-expert with regards to healthcare in our country. And while that was the focus of my education, and still is something that is very interesting to me – there are so many things that I don’t know about it. I don’t know how the ACA affects the average American family – good or bad. I don’t know how the coverage mandates affect the average American business – and why there is such an outrage about it. Why people rally for its repeal. Seeing that the industry that I work in can be directly affected by the possible appeal of the ACA, and can be impacted by the changes to drug costs and insurance coverage, it’s important that I know more about them.

A post from a friend today gave me guidance on where to start, on how to find my own anchor in this absolutely crazy world that seems to be getting worse each time the sun comes up. So, I’m going to take her challenge to heart. (The next few bullets are paraphrased from a Facebook post from my friend Beth Witte).

1 – Identify the problems – Unless you are some special brand of genius, you can’t keep up with the dizzying array of issues. Make a list of the things that tempt you to light your hair flame. Then rewrite your list, starting with the most crucial issue, descending in importance.

2 – Pick your battles – Now, pick your top two, and research the hell out of them. Become the expert on just those two issues.

3 – Resist with respect – This is as important as having your facts lined up. You will never win by insulting, judging, condemning, resorting to personal attacks, and name-calling.

4 – Do not expect to convert people – The purpose of engaging people who see things differently is to gain understanding by sharing viewpoints. Take time to learn WHY they hold their beliefs can help you find common ground on which to build.

5 – Don’t assume you know them. Deciding that you know the entirety of a person based on their opinion.

6 – Who do YOU want to be? The only person that you have control over is YOU. It’s not your job to make anyone believe anything – it’s your job to decide exactly what you believe and why.

There are lots of things going on – LOTS of stuff that I am concerned about. If I try to learn about all of it, I’ll drown in it. It will drive me crazy, and well, that’s just never a good thing. (Heck, I’m already more than a little anxious about things that are going on in the world around me – and I don’t want to lose more sleep at night).

The two items that I will be focusing on are:
* Healthcare, Insurance, and the Affordable care act (because they directly affect me as a person with health issues, insurance, and working in an industry that can be affected by the repeal of the ACA)
* Immigration Reform – I have a number of friends who are non citizens. They are here in the US with various alien statuses, and are all hard working good people. The current environment for anyone who is non-white, non-Christian, (and in some cases non-Male) is rather aggressive, and I would like to see it end – that ALL people are given a fair chance to be a productive member of our society, and when it all comes down to it – to be a part of the real American dream.

Time for a Reboot


Wow – it’s been – what years?

I could bore you all with the regular excuses of being busy – of not having stuff to talk about – of not feeling like writing – but I won’t – your time and my time are far too important for that.

It has gotten, well, a little – indescribable – in our world lately – and I am finding a need to write about some of it to deal with the feelings that I have after reading/watching our news, watching my friends struggle with things I really am not able to understand for numerous reasons, and things that frankly terrify me.

I write in my journal, but some of the things I will be researching and working through I think could be helpful to someone else – and I thought I’d resurrect my blog and share my thoughts, if it helps one person, it will be worth the effort.

My goal is to write one post a week – feel free to hold me to it – and call me out if it goes radio silent.  It’s far too important to get information out there for people.

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