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Sushi Friday Redux


So, I’ve made it through the first week of vacation with my sanity intact.  I’ll be honest, while I have a lot to do, and am getting a lot of things done, I still feel like the last pea in the can, rattling around with no direction.

And maybe that’s a good thing – I’ve been so laser focused for the last few years – that the mental break is something that I’m not exactly used to.  I mean, I’d even work on vacation, think about work while we were away, and constantly be making myself notes while we were out and about so I wouldn’t forget the next thing I had to do.   It’s just a hard transition, going from the speed of sound to the sound of silence.   But I’m okay with it.

Yesterday, we went to see Home (Rana, Emily and I)  We had a great time – it was a VERY cute movie, and the voice actors were spot on ‘right’ for their roles.  Jim Parsons (Sheldon from BBT) was just awesome as Oh – if Sheldon was an alien, I’d see him as that cute little purple guy 🙂

Today, is Sushi Friday with the folks that Charles works with – so I’ll be meeting them, and afterwards running a few errands.  Then home, to continue reading on some software testing things to help get my brain ready for the new role I’ll be starting.   This weekend will be full of a lot of fun things – a day trip with Emily’s Girl Scout Daisy Troop, puttering around the house, and getting into some other things with Charles (Not exactly sure what’s on the agenda – but I kinda like spending time with him – go figure ;))

042415This is yesterday’s quote doodle.  It really resonated with me, because of everything that’s going on.  When you’re in the thick of things, you don’t ever think that you can ‘get out’ of it, because it’s just SO much.  Can’t fit it into your schedule, can’t make it work, can’t find the way out.  But that’s not true.  Really.  It’s not.  When you think things are impossible, and decide to take the leap and try anyway – that’s when things take a turn for you.  They start to happen – because you’re not focused on those roadblocks that you ‘think’ will keep you from getting to where you want to be.  A lot of the roadblocks we stumble over every day – are inventions of our own brains – not anything that is ACTUALLY there.  You just have to remember – that when you take a step outside of your comfort zone – there is a net there – and sometimes, it’s just pretty awesome.


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