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Sunny Monday


It was a pretty dreary and rainy weekend – but for the most part, I enjoyed it.  Saturday, I went to the Duke Lemur Center with Emily and her Daisy troop.  We spent a few hours walking around and looking at the different Lemur types that they have as part of their collection and learning a lot more about Lemurs than I ever knew there was to know.

Yesterday, I spent the day hanging out here at the house with Charles.  We didn’t do a whole lot – just puttered around and played our games – but usually what we want is a low key day so we’re ready to get back to the craziness of our respective weeks – so that’s what we did.  I actually finally watched the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy.  I knew what was coming, but it was sad to watch anyway.  I still can’t believe that they wrote that character off in a way that he can’t ever come back – because I would like to think that in a perfect world, the surgical calvary would arrive to save the day!  (And if you don’t know what happened by now, sorry for the spoiler!)

Today, I did some work around the house.  Cleaned out a few cupboards in the kitchen and prepped cardboard to take to the recycling center tomorrow.  It’s part of a bigger de-cluttering project that I’m working on while I’m on break between jobs.  It’s coming,  slowly, but it’s coming!  Tomorrow, I’ll be tackling my office stuff, and depending on how that goes, by the end of the week, I’ll be working on my studio.  (No guarantees with that one, that’s a HUGE project and will most likely need a few days or weekends to work on).  It’s just something that needs done, and I’m afraid that if I spend too much time in it, it will be overwhelming and I won’t want to finish it – so a little bit at a time.  (It’s like eating an elephant, one bite at a time!)

So, today, the new job became even more real.  I got my official invitation for onboarding on Monday.  I’ll be in the office Monday morning, and not too long after I get there and get started, I’ll have my onboarding webinar.  I’m excited about it, and it looks like there are a number of people who are starting the same day that I am, so I’m looking forward to starting with a group of people who are as excited about this opportunity that I am.

The quote on today’s calendar is “It’s not what the world holds for you, it’s what you bring to it” – and that’s really true.  You can walk into any situation, and the way it treats you is truly based on your perception of things.  Bring your best game to the world around you, and you will most likely be thrilled with the results.

Making frittata tonight for Charles and I.  Tomorrow I’ll be cooking up a big old crock pot of ham and bean soup.  Not sure what else the week will bring.  I know I have lunch plans on Thursday, and Friday is Sushi Friday part 3. (I”m kind of hoping I can make this a weekly thing, just not sure of the distance between the new office and where they go!)

Enjoy your day – and breathe!

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