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Time for a Reboot


Wow – it’s been – what years?

I could bore you all with the regular excuses of being busy – of not having stuff to talk about – of not feeling like writing – but I won’t – your time and my time are far too important for that.

It has gotten, well, a little – indescribable – in our world lately – and I am finding a need to write about some of it to deal with the feelings that I have after reading/watching our news, watching my friends struggle with things I really am not able to understand for numerous reasons, and things that frankly terrify me.

I write in my journal, but some of the things I will be researching and working through I think could be helpful to someone else – and I thought I’d resurrect my blog and share my thoughts, if it helps one person, it will be worth the effort.

My goal is to write one post a week – feel free to hold me to it – and call me out if it goes radio silent. ┬áIt’s far too important to get information out there for people.

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