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Stick To It!


I posted a picture of my current planner layout on Facebook and Instagram the other day, and a few of my friends have asked for sources and a list of my favorite planner shops. So, I went through my planner, and made a note of the shops I’ve used for the last year. (My planner starts in July – so from July to February, these are the shops that I’ve been using)

Let’s Plan It

Plan with Pizzaz

The Sticky Cactus

Miscellany Blvd

Planner Whimsy

Sticky Prints Designs  (I’ll add a linky when I track it down)

Sugar Peas Papeterie

Simple Southern Mommy

Kristin Keo (I’ll add a linky when I track it down)

Plantasia Printshop

Gems Design Studio

Gingerly Done

My Queen Bee Designs

Laeta Designs

Anxiety Aids

Krissy Anne Designs

Simply Gilded

Part of what I want to do going forward is to review the vendors and shops that I do business with – most of them are Etsy shops, which means they’re small businesses that are run by creative women – and they’re all awesome!  So, watch this space for reviews – more than just lists! 🙂


Gettin’ Crafty With Kellie – September 17, 2013


Last week, I went to a SU! party that a friend of mine had.  And it kind of kicked up my creativity level.  I have been kicking around a few card ideas for the fall, and decided to sit down and play with my markers.    I posted photos of these projects on Facebook, and a friend of mine wanted to know how I created this  –


So, this post is going to walk through the process, step by step, and will also detail the supplies that I used (as much as possible).

So, let’s get started!

1 Step One - Getting Started

I used a set of stamps from Graphic 45, an acrylic block, and my favorite Memento ink.  (This ink is always the one that I use when I’m using alcohol based markers).

2 Step One - Stamp the PumpkinFirst things first, stamp the base pumpkin on your cardstock – I just use regular ole cardstock when I do my general stamping – because it seems to hold color the best and blends neatly and true to color.  (Which is of course what I am looking for in these projects).  I let it dry for a bit, and while it was drying, I picked out the markers that I was going to use for this project.  (I think I got em all here – but I may miss some – and if I do – I am sorry!  Just ask for whatever you need if you’re trying to duplicate this!)

3 Step Two - Lay the MaskTo get the kitty to sit behind the pumpkin, you need to stamp using a mask.  Masking is pretty simple – just stamp the pumpkin on a piece of scrap paper, and then fussy cut around it.  Once you do that, you can lay the mask over the pumpkin image, which protects it from the kitty image when you stamp it (which we’ll do next)

4 Step Three - Stamp over the MaskPlace your kitty where you want to see it – Where the mask covers the pumpkin, you won’t see kitty – it’s all magical – the kitty will show behind the pumpkin! 5 Step Four - Next Step - Face

See – all magical and stuff 🙂  (It’s amazing what a piece of paper can do!)   If you want the spooky face – you can add that as well.  I think it adds a lot of fun and personality to the image myself.

6 Step Five - Time to Color

So, now, let’s get to coloring.  One neat thing about alcohol ink markers is that they’re able to layer and blend together.  The colors look seamless when you layer them together, and can build on each layer as you go.  I have a mix of Prismacolors, Copics, and Spectrum Noirs, and use what I have for the colors that I need.  They’re pretty spendy – so my collection is growing slowly – but with Spectrum Noirs, you can get sets of coordinating colors at a fairly reasonable price. 7 Step Six - Prismacolor base layer

This is a pale orange – I layer it onto the pumpkin all over.  It lays the nice orange that we’ll build on in order to create the shading and additional dimension.  8 Step Seven - Shadow Layer One - Prismacolor

This is a darker orange – I layered it onto the lighter orange, so you can start to see the dimension and shading on the pumpkin.   Since it’s a darker color, I put it in the areas where a pumpkin would naturally be darker, such as in the creases, and around the bottom and shoulder (do pumpkins really have shoulders?) 9 Step Eight - Base and first Shadow

And here’s an overall orange – I use this to overlay the entire image.  It blends the colors together – and smooths it out.  (Use the broad tip – makes it a lot easier to do)  10 Step Nine - Overlay Color - Spectrum Noir

Spectrum Noirs do not have color names – but they do clearly identify the colors on the ends…so, we’ll call this one OR1.

11 Step Ten - Orange Layering Complete

Here’s the pumpkin after the oranges are done.  But, pumpkins aren’t just orange – there’s browns in a pumpkin as well.  So, let’s add some browns as part of the shading and shadowing, and add more depth to our pumpkin.

12 Step Eleven - First dark shadows  - Prisma

Add a little walnut at the bottom of the pumpkin (penguin , thanks to Mom B for pointing out I have penguins on the brain!)  and again on the shoulder.  Also, follow the creases down the pumpkin, and if you want to make the creases look deeper, run over the lines a few times (it layers the color more) 13 Step Twelve - Pumpkin Base Shadow Placement

Darker brown – Tan 7 maybe?  Again, more in the creases – this one is more for depth to the creases rather than shadows at the bottom or on the shoulders. 14 Step Thirteen - Darker Brown Shadow Placement

And more brown – this time on the stem.  15 Step Fourteen - Stem Coloring

And maybe some green. (Dark Green Four?)

17 Step Sixteen - Stem Second Layer

Tah Dah – the pumpkin is done!  16 Step Fifteen - Stem Base Colored One last step – the eye and mouth just don’t look dark enough to me.  So, I used a simple black brush marker and darkened up the ‘cutouts’ on the pumpkin.  I think I’ll call him Fred.   18 Step Seventeen - Ink overlay - black pen

So, now that Fred’s done, it’s time to add some color to his friend Kitty.  These are all Prismacolors – which are awesome – because the greys are 10% differentiation from 20% to pure black.  Kitty uses 50, 60 and 70%.   (Which ooops, I didn’t get a picture of that one!) 19 Cat Step One

Mid Grey 20 Cat Step Two

Overlay some darker grey.  21 Cat Step Three

And tah-day – Kitty’s done! 22 Grass Final

So now, Fred and Kitty seem to just be hanging in mid air – so I draw a black horizon/shelf line under Fred and Kitty, so they’re not floating – they’re hanging out waiting for Trick or Treat to start!  23 Final

So, I used a light green Spectrum Noir and added a little grass under Fred – and it looks done!  Now, it’s ready to be included in the card.  (Which I have all of my cardstock premeasured and cut – good to go!)

Let me know what you think – and if there is anything else I can add to this particular tutorial for you.


Crafty Time!


I’ve had a burst of inspiration lately.  I’m heading out to a meeting with my friend Frances (SU Upline) today, so hopefully I’ll come home with more pretty ideas. (I usually do when I go visit her!)

I’ve been on a card making kick lately – I have some scrapbook goals in mind for September, so I’ll be working on those in the coming weeks as well. (And posting them here too!)

The first card below – is for a swap that I’m doing on Splitcoast – it’s theme is Penny Black images – and I just love these little cats.  It’s a pretty simple card, but I think it turned out well.


The one below, is what I put together for my autumn cards.  It’s inspired by a quilt that my Mother in Law is making for a friend of hers.  I just LOVED the colors, and knew right away, that I could put something together to do it justice. (At least I hope it does!)


I’m working on a new photo gallery that Charles put together for me.  When I have it ‘just so’, I’ll link it in the side bar.  That’s where I’ll put my favorite shots of what I’m working on, as well as my images from my cards, scrapbook pages, and digital scrapbooking (which I’m going to tackle in the new year!)

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Halfway through…


Well, today is my first FULL day back at the office.  I’m getting a lot done, although, I’ll tell ya, I’m going to need a nap when I get home tonight – this thinking is wearing me out!  It doesn’t help that I haven’t had an early-rising Monday for just over a month, and the last time I was awake THIS early on a Monday, I was going to surgery….but I’m glad to be back – I certainly won’t be complaining about it!

We had a pretty quiet weekend – Friday night, we went out for a date night.  It was nice just to get out with each other, away from the house, even if it was just to Moe’s and to the grocery store to pick up a few things.  I am SO tickled though – I had a MooMoo Mr. Cow burrito, and had no problems with it.  I didn’t eat the whole thing (left most of the tortilla behind) but what I did have of it was tasty, sat well in Polly Pocket, and fit the craving for something different.  I was glad!

Saturday, we puttered around the house – we were going to take down Christmas, but just didn’t have the ambition to do so.  Charles did want to run to DaVinci’s while we were out – so we  headed up there to get a sandwich.  (He got his standard sandwich, I got chicken salad on whole wheat bread – and that sat well in Polly Pocket too – just as long as I only ate half the bread and ate slow.)  We ended up playing the game for a while, and had a lot of fun doing it.  We ran some instances  with friends we don’t get to play with, and had a heck of a lot of fun laughing while we did it. There has been a lot of frustration in our guild lately, centered around a few people, and the majority of the officers are looking the other way.  (I quit being an officer, and Charles is frustrated beyond belief at the moment).  It’s driving people away, or into retiring from raiding all together – the reason being that certain people feel that they can do no wrong, and they think that no one else can do no right..and they’re really taking the fun out of the game for a lot of people.

Saturday evening’s dinner made me sick, but I think that’s more from the fact that I ate the way I used to, rather than eating things the right way.  It wore me out a bit, but once I sat and got my ‘guts’ together, it worked itself out.

Yesterday, we finally tackled Christmas.  It’s now down, in boxes, and stowed away in the attic until next year.  The penguins outside are still up, but that’s only because we wanted to give them a day or so of being up and in dry weather to dry out before we pack them away for the year.   I think those will probably be coming down in the next day or so.

During last night’s raid time – I went up to my studio to putter around and listen to/watch the Gilmore girls.  I have a few swaps that I signed up for, so I wanted to work on those.  I ended up finishing what I needed to do for three of them, (my circle journal, my inchies, and twinchies).  I still have two more to go, and will probably finish them in the next time I get upstairs – which will hopefully be tonight.  I just have some wash to do, and I can toss that in the machine, go upstairs and stamp my happy heart out, and come down when I need to.

It really feels good to be back up there and working.  I have a lot to do – especially to catch up in scrapbooking.  I also have some additional projects that I’d like to tackle, but I don’t want to get overwhelmed and burn myself out on everything I have to do.  I do have a few more pages for the January 08 Disney trip – and after that, I’ll start with Hawaii.   I think I’ll make it a goal to finish Dis 01/08, Hawaii, Dis 05/08, and plan my kits for the March cruise by the end of February – that should give me plenty of time.    I am figuring that the cruise scrapping will be the September cruise and Disney trip –  and when that’s done, I should pretty much be done for 08.  Still not caught up, because there are million years of childhood pictures to do – but at least more caught up than I am now!

Anyway – my lunch hour is pretty much over now – I’ve got to take a little walk around the floor just to stretch my legs, and then get back to work.

Noodle Miracles and other fun weekend stuff


Well, the strange alien noodles are a hit.  So much of a hit, we’ve had them twice since the original noodle infiltration.  They are true to advertising – no taste at all – and a little chewier than you’d expect, but they were really good.  We didn’t have any adverse reactions to them, so we decided that they’d be a good permanent addition to our (my?) diet.  We have a bunch of them in the fridge, so I don’t think that’s going to be a problem.  We’ll be introducing Mom and Dad to them this week (at least telling them about them and letting them do with them what they want).  I’m also going to tell my mom about them, and a few other people that I know would be interested. 

Friday night, we just hung out.  I wasn’t feeling 100%, and didn’t feel like doing much of anything.  Charles and I puttered around, playing some.  We’re playing our alts more than our mains because we’re both bored with the grinding.  We also don’t get a chance to raid as much as we like, and can’t clean off our quest logs because when we’re around, our guildies are either PVPing or they’ve got other things they want to tackle.  That’s okay – but it makes it frustrating, because there’s a nearly full quest log we’re sitting on, and I want to finish them up in order to be ready for the expansion when it comes out later this year.  We’re not a huge fan of PUGs either – because they’re just unknown entities – and that’s not much fun either.  But, we’re having great fun with Caatt and Maaus – so it’s all working out.

Saturday morning, we were in bed, dozy and snuggly when Charles’ pager went off.  He went off to do what he had to do – which turned out to be a longer process than what he thought it was going to be.  While he did that, I curled up in the bed with the girls and watched the latest Gray’s Anatomy (which from what I read on the website is going to be the last for a while because they’re out of episodes and I think the writers are still on strike.)  It was pretty dang good – not sure if it’s becaue it was actually good, or if it’s because I just missed it – but it was a good 45 minutes of tv.

After the page, we got dressed and decided we would go on a search for a local source of the Uber Noodles, as well as go to Sams for a restock run and  AC Moore and pick up flowers for the ledge above the water closet and shower in the master bathroom.  We did find the noodles – at the Chinese Grocery on Capital – and they’re a bit cheaper than the ones we ordered from Miracle noodle – so we’re tickled with that. 

We headed up to AC Moore and found flowers to put on the ledge – along with a twig garland and some pretty purple berries. (We ended up tackling that task yesterday)  I am not completely satisfied with it just yet – and think that we should add some greenery to the wreathing and hang a wreath on the wall beside my vanity – but it’s coming along, and I think it’s really pretty.

When we got home from AC Moore, I didn’t really feel like playing – instead, I had quite the urge to get upstairs and play in the studio.  So, we went upstairs, and I scrapbooked for a bit while we watched the latest Pirates movie and Charles played Puzzle Pirates on the laptop.   It was a nice way to spend a few hours, and I got our beach trip done and out of the way and started on the Disney trip.  I also made a few cards (some were mailed today).  I didn’t take pictures of any of them – but I should really start to do that so I don’t forget what I did.  (And can post them on my creative blog as well which is getting quite dusty).

Charles and I found the neatest thing at AC Moore when we were there.  Apparently they now have markers that you can put into your CriCut machine rather than the cutting blade – and it will write instead of cutting your images.  I tried it, and I must say, I LOVE IT!  I used it exclusively on Saturday – and am planning on picking up the colored pens sometime soon (I just got the black and brown this time through).  I am also going to share this info with my friends who have the machines, because I think they may like it too!  (Hmm, gift idea for Wyoming perhaps? *G*)

Saturday night we played for a little bit, but decided to take an early night and curl up in bed watching TV.  I was starting to feel a little under the weather, and Charles was tuckered out from starting the day running with a page, so we decided it was for the best.

Sunday morning we were up and puttering around the house.   I finally finished my Disney blogs from the October trip (YAY)  and started getting things together for this trip.  I’ll probably start packing in a day or so to get everything together.  After we got everything done we needed to get done at the house, we decided to head out to the pharmacy to pick up some prescriptions for Charles and then head to the grocery store to pick up some stuff that we need to get through the week and be ready for when we come back from Orlando. 

Last night, we played for a while, worked on Laundry, and Charles made a yummy new recipe out of our one indian food cookbook.  It is MOST Definitely a keeper!   I’ll post the recipe tonight when I’m home and near the cookbook.

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