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Ding Ding – Round TWO


Still have not heard back from Delta.  7 days with no response is not acceptable.

Remember, I work in customer service, and we have very specific response times for any type of case that comes in for us.  I would say that a disgruntled passenger would be a high priority case, and should be responded to fairly quickly, as well as constant contact being made to the passenger until a resolution is made.

But then, I don’t run that call center 🙁

So – tonight, I posted this on their website – and it’s going to go on Twitter again


Good evening.  When I checked in for my flight, I opted to upgrade to the available exit row seat.  On your website, it does not indicate anywhere that a passenger who needs a belt extender would not be eligible to be seated in an exit row seat.  (I would not have paid for the upgrade otherwise).  When I boarded the plane, and before we pushed back from the gate, the flight attendant (Raquel) in my area, advised me that I would not be able to sit in my seat because of the belt extender.  When it was explained to me that it was a safety issue, I understood completely and agreed to move to another available seat.   The Flight Attendant began asking people around me if they’d be willing to move into the exit row seat because there was a passenger who needed to move because she was ‘too big’  No one was willing to move, so she told me that she could seat me in a middle seat in the back of the plane.  (I was in an aisle seat).   I told her that I would move, and while I was moving, I saw that about 7 rows back from my exit row seat, there was an available aisle seat.  I asked if I could sit there, and she told me that if I could do it quickly, I could sit there.  (She did seem to have an attitude when I asked to sit there).

During the flight, the same flight attendant asked me if I wanted cookies, crackers AND pretzels when she was doing snack service.  (I opted for neither).

I did bring this to the attention of the flight leader who said she would address it with the flight attendant.  I also purchased the Gogo in flight Internet service to communicate with @Delta and @DeltaAssist on Twitter.  This took place a week ago, and I have yet to hear back from Delta Client Service – even acknowledging that they are working on this issue and will be addressing it.    I would like to hear back as soon as possible on the resolution of this issue, and what will be done to rectify the situation.

Thank you.

Kellie L. Brabec

Live From Orlando!!!


will keep this short so I am not tying up time with Charles. had a food flight down from Raleigh. A bit of a flight delay in Charlotte because of a problem with the plane.

once we got here we checked into the hotel and went over to DTD for an awesome dinner at Paradisio 37. ( more on that including photos later). afterwards-a bit of window shopping and then back to the hotel to crash early.

We have a day at AK tomorrow – and we will be checking into AKL as well. It is going to be a great vacation!!!

Must Do’s While at WDW


One of the yahoogroups that I’m on asks a question every week about Disney and the whole Disney experience.  Well,  this week’s question is “What are your ‘must dos’ while at Walt Disney World”?

Well, on the back side of a great trip to Orlando, I have my ‘most recent’ list of Must Dos 🙂

Magic Kingdom

  • Big Thunder Mountain Rail Road
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Jungle Cruise
  • Wishes Fireworks


  • Soarin’
  • Journey into your Imagination
  • Dinner at the Biergarten
  • Meal at a ‘new’ Pavillion
  • Illuminations Fireworks
  • Flower and Garden Show
  • Food and Wine Festival

Hollywood Studios

  • Toy Story Mania
  • Great Muppet Ride
  • Great Movie Ride
  • Tower of Terror
  • Rock n’ Roller Coaster
  • Osborne Lights

Animal Kingdom

  • Kiliminjaro Safari
  • Flights of Wonder
  • Festival of the Lion King

Downtown Disney

  • Basin
  • World of Disney
  • Art of Disney
  • Raglan Road


  • Touring the Resorts
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Christmas with Mickey – Tuesday 12/8/09 – Epcot Day


The Plan:

  • Epcot Day
  • Soarin, Living with the Land, Rio Del Tempo, Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Figment
  • Santas of the World
  • Lunch – Nine Dragons
  • Dinner – Cap’n Jack’s @ Downtown Disney

The Players:

  • Kellie, Charles, Flo, Hugh, and Waddles the Wonder Penguin

The Fact:

One good thing about vacations – we can wake up when we want, do what we want, and go where we want to go.  No rush rush rush to get anywhere.  We took our time getting up and ready in the morning.  We were going to be going to Epcot in the morning, seeing the Future World things that we wanted to see, and then have lunch at Nine Dragons.  So, we headed out on the Friendship and headed in through the International Showcase entrance.  We wandered through the International Showcase and ended up at the Land.  Our Fast pass times weren’t that long, so we decided to grab a leisurely breakfast and then ride the Living with the Land ride.  We had extra time, so we decided to ride again.  It’s a nice and relaxing ride, and Charles was trying to grab a few pictures as we went through.  It’s always fun to see what they’ve got new ‘ this time around’.  There are always a few little special touches that just make it ‘Disney’.

After the Land, we sat and people watched for a while.  We were taking things easy because Charles had a problem with his foot and it was acting up. So, we weren’t going to push ourselves much.  Our Soarin’ flight was pretty awesome.  When we were in line, the couple in front of us asked to be in the middle concourse, and we lucked out to be in the first row.  So when we loaded in, we had the PERFECT seats!  I would have never thought about asking for specific seats on the ride, and I certainly wouldn’t think to do that frequently, but it was pretty cool!   We wandered through the Innovations pavillions and decided to ride the Imagination ride.  (I love me some Figment!)

By the time Figment was over, we were close to our reservation time for Nine Dragons.  We headed over through the International Showcase and got to the restaraunt.  We were one of the first ones there, so it wasn’t very busy.  We decided to share two appetizers and then split an entree.  We had a cucumber salad and shrimp toast for appetizers, and then for our entree we had Mongolian Chicken.  It was really good!  While the food was pretty much the ‘standard’  Chinese food that you can get almost anywhere, it was good.  I’m not sure we’ll be going back there freqently, but I know that if we need a dining place at Epcot, I’d jump on it.

After lunch, we headed back to the room for a nap, some time swimming, and just relaxing.  We were going to meet one of my clients for dinner at Cap’n Jack’s, so we had plenty of time to just hang out and do a whole lot of nothing.  We spent some time at the pool, and then went back to the room to relax for a bit.  We headed out for dinner, and on the way to meet my folks we did some shopping and puttering around Downtown.  We had a great visit with the client and her husband, and well, I’d be pretty comfortable calling them friends!  We laughed a lot, talked about life and family, pets and kids, and not a whole lot about work!  (Much to our hubby’s chagrin!)  We walked around DTD and just browsed and basically had a great time visiting with each other.  I’ll get a chance to visit with her again in Feb, and we’re already talking about getting together for dinner on another visit sometime 🙂

Charles’ foot was acting up after we were back at the cars, so we decided to part ways.  We headed back to our room and crashed for the night.  Tomorrow was our Blue Man Group day, and we were excited about it!

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Christmas with Mickey – Monday 12/7/09 – DHS Day


The Plan:

  • DHS Touring
  • Toy Story Midway Mania, Rock n’ Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Muppet Movies, Great Movie Ride, Animation Studio
  • Lunch – Counter Service Options
  • Dinner – Counter Service Options
  • Holly-Day Parade
  • Osborne Lights

The Players:

  • Kellie, Charles, and Waddles the Wonder Penguin

The Facts

We wanted to get an early start, because we knew that if we waited a while to get in, we’d miss the chance to get fast pass tickets for Midway Mania – and that was the one ride we really wanted to experience on this trip.  So, we headed out, and decided instead of taking the boat over, we’d take the car instead – that would give us the flexibility to do something after we left the park that night, and we had a better chance at getting a parking spot that was closer to the resort.  (We were actually parked out in the boonies).

The park wasn’t too busy – but then again it was pretty early.  We headed through the park, and while Charles went back to get the fast passes for Midway Mania, I grabbed breakfast for us at Starring Rolls.  We sat on a bench along Sunset Blvd and enjoyed our breakfast.  The area players were on the street, putting on a pretty funny show.  I think the title of the ‘play’ was No Sax Please More Violins…or something equally cheesy and amusing.  🙂    We walked around and enjoyed the sights.  The lines weren’t too bad, so we decided to watch the Muppet show.  After that, we grabbed a quick lunch and decided that because our fast passes were so late, we’d head back to the room for a break.

So we didn’t have to move the car, we hopped on the Friendship and went back to the resort.  Charles went up to take a nap, and I did some shopping for Christmas gifts at the Screen Door.  I joined him in the room and took my own nap, and after a while, we decided to head back over to the park to finish out our day.  We hopped back on the boat and went back to the Studios.  We headed to Midway Mania for our fast pass window, and got in line.  I wouldn’t wait for the ride on stand by ( unless it was first thing in the morning and I was at the front of the line) but WOW , that ride was SO worth it!  We will definitely put it on our frequent flyer list!  We stopped at the trinket stand across from the ride, and did some shopping.  Charles got me the sweetest Minnie Mouse tag commemerating our 3 years of visiting Disney together.  I got Willy a T-shirt, and surprised Charles with a Wii Midway game.  (Turns out it was so popular, I ended up getting a few of them for gifts when we got home!)

After the ride, we wandered around some more.  We had some time to kill before sunset, so we decided to go watch the lights, motors, actions show.  We got there right before it started, and by the time we got into the arena and seated, it was about 5 minutes into the show.  But even so, it was fun. With the super fast camera, it was teh awesome! 🙂   After the show, we sat and watched people leave,  flipped through the pictures that we took, and watched the sun start to sink.  We still had a half hour or so before the start of the Osborne Light show,  so we decided to grab a light dinner at the back lot express.  As we sat there and talked, the sun went down, and the lights started.  It was so neat to see everyone stand around and ooh and aahh at the pretties.  We took our time getting through, because the lights were cycling thorugh, and it was just SO busy.  Charles set up his tripod and took some pictures, and I was wandering around with my camera as well.  It is just such an amazing display that they put on there.  I can’t imagine putting all those lights up myself!

We decided to head out of the park.  We didn’t really have a lot planned for the evening, so we decided to wander around Downtown for a bit.  We did some shopping, and afterwards, we decided that we’d head out to grab a more substantial dinner (we’d split a sandwich earlier)  Nothing at Downtown seemed appealing, so we decided to head off property.  We went to a mexican place called Chevy’s right down the street from downtown.  It was pretty yummy, and the atmosphere was nice – I would go back there for an off property dinner or lunch somewhere down the road.

After dinner, we were both pretty pooped, so we just headed back to the room for the night.  Tomorrow was our AK day, and meeting my client for dinner!

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